Land Fund

The LAND FUND will provide the means to negotiate the crucial new sites along the line of the Canal where there is no new development present or where we can not acquire the line of the Canal by other opportunities. It is a vital fund to help us eventually restore the full length from Gloucester to Hereford.


We are looking for members and supporters of our restoration project to contribute to the LAND FUND. There are many ways you may be able to help with this as an individual:


If you are a group or organisation who wish to support our restoration work, you may also wish to contribute to this fund. You may make a collection at one of your regular meetings, or hold a raffle other fund raising event where the proceeds are kindly donated to the H&G CT LAND FUND.

You may decide to contribute to the LAND FUND be as a result of one of our speakers coming to your organisation and explaining the history and efforts of our volunteers to maintain and increase the stretches of canal restored. If you would like a speaker to give a talk to your organisation about the work of the H&GCT please use the Contact Us link on this website.

Whatever your group, whether you are an historical society, a group of boaters, walkers or nature conservationists or other interested parties, your contribution to the LAND FUND will help our teams continue to deliver more exciting lengths of Canal over the coming years.

How to contribute to the LAND FUND

One-off donation

If you are making a one-off donation please fill in the top part of the form attached to this leaflet and send the form with your donation to our treasurer whose details are at the foot of the form. (Cheques should be made out to Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust.)

Regular monthly donation

If you plan to make regular monthly donations please complete the whole form including the banker's order and send to our treasurer whose details are at the foot of the form.

Thank you


Download a PDF with donation form and more information about the