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Autumn 2012 - New Site – Kymin East – Part of the Withington Project

Thanks to the generous support of the landowner we are able to access a further 1,000 yards of the Canal at Kymin East – part of the wider Withington Project to restore the Canal from the existing Yarkhill site to Withington.

The Kymin East length is intended to be a showpiece of how we will continue to restore other stretches of the H&G Canal – on the basis of minimum intervention and the maximum retention of existing trees. The primary objective is that from the adjoining fields the site will retain a look much as today and that upon ultimate completion of this length public access will also have been delivered so all can fully enjoy this attractive stretch of the Canal. 

The Withington Project is being managed in accordance with the new methods of working (already successfully implemented at both the Vineyard Hill and Moat Farm restoration sites) with overall control coming under Wilf Jones as the Withington Project Chairman. We are very pleased that landowner ‘JJ’ Clews has agreed to act as Conservation Advisor for the Withington Project. 

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