Canal Restoration

Although much of the canal has been filled in and in places has disappeared without trace, a surprising number of lock cottages, wharf buildings and bridges remain to be seen.  Stretches of the canal at Monkhide, Yarkhill, Aylestone and Oxenhall have been restored by volunteers and the stone chamber of House Lock at Oxenhall has been completely restored.

Working with the Waterways Recovery Group, the original canal basin at Over, where the Canal connected with the River Severn, has been reconstructed. This was the largest all volunteer canal restoration project in the UK in 1999-2000.  Since then, Vineyard Hill, a stretch of similar length, has also been brought back into water.  The Trust is now also developing the canal on more recent sites at Moat Farm and Kymin East.

Details of past and current schemes are listed to the right, with links to further information for each scheme being available by pressing the appropriate image. These additional pages include regular updates on the latest progress, and show photographs of the works undertaken to date.

To assist with renovation work in the longer term, the Trust have been fortunate to recently acquire a number of “Heritage Boats" from British Waterways and other sources.  These are currently being being restored to make them suitable for use by the H&G.  Further details on these boats, and how they came to the Trust can be seen by clicking the Heritage Boats link on the right.