Our Holmer Trading Estate scheme comes back to life!

November 2014 – Our Holmer Trading Estate scheme comes back to life!

The scheme for redeveloping the Holmer Trading Estate was secured solely on the back of delivering the Canal but did not actually proceed due to the recession…..

The inspector’s landmark ruling was:-

” in my judgement, the Canal restoration, and its resultant benefits to long-term planning objectives for the City, are material considerations in this case, which are sufficient to outweigh the conflict with the development plan”.

Now the property market is reviving a new developer has stepped forward and revised plans are being put together to see a new scheme come to life….

This will see about one third of the Canal in Hereford restored and transferred to us as well as a long term income stream from the adjoining properties.

Following the analysis of the site and surroundings, an initial Masterplan has been prepared with the following key features:

  1. A development of around 100 generally detached, semi-detached and terraced new homes.
  2. Homes generally 2 storeys in height.
  3. 3 storey buildings at key corner locations.
  4. A density of approximately 35 dwellings to the hectare rather than 85 dwellings to the hectare of the former consent.
  5. Ample car parking for the units within the scheme.
  6. Improvements to the existing vehicle access into the site and on College Road.
  7. Potential reinstatement of the canal.
  8. Footpath and tow path/cycle route into and through the site.
  9. Foot/cycle bridge crossing to link to Aylestone Park.
  10. Shared surface streets with maximum vehicle speeds of 10mph.
  11. Landscaped buffer to Cavanaghs.
  12. Demolition of all existing buildings and hard standings.
  13. Decontamination of the site