Corporate Governance

Our Trustees

The current Board of Trustees includes:

Ralph Barber – Chairman: 

Philip Marshall – Company Secretary 

Vaughan Welch – Compliance 

Bob Hargreaves – Engineering 

Philip Marshall – Finance 

Robert Morland – Government 

Ed Helps – Health and Safety 

Richard Appleton – Land 

Tony Higgins – Membership Services

Eamonn McGurk – Projects 

Debbie Barber – Promotions 

Dave Goff – Site Operations

Our Honorary Life Presidents

Janet Moult

Janet Moult has worked in so many different ways to progress the work of the H&G CT including two terms as Chairman. Janet continues to work for H&G CT in a number of supportive ways, in Sales and Promotion and distribution of The Wharfinger.

Janet also runs the very successful Monthly Socials at Much Marcle and the Grand Holiday Draw.

On many occasions over the years, despite other commitments, Janet has dependably stepped into the breach to get a task successfully completed.

A resumé of Janet’s extensive contribution to the work of the H&G CT can be found on page 21 of edition 130 of The Wharfinger.

Nigel Jefferies

Nigel Jefferies started his involvement in the canal on Wednesday 13th April 1983 – this was the inaugural meeting of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Society.  His involvement then continued for 39 years, over half of his life, and as a member of the Board of Trustees for the 30 years that the H&G Canal Trust has been in place.  It is with great sadness that he decided to step down as a Trustee at the 2022 AGM in June.

He continues to be involved in helping out on sales stalls and doing talks for local groups in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and further afield.

During this time Nigel has helped in many areas …

  • Working at getting the Skew Bridge at Monkhide listed. The masonry arch bridge was first listed in January 1986 whilst the Society was still in place and has a remarkable angle of skew of 63°.
  • Spending over 25 years as membership secretary.
  • Creating the initial walk leaflet at Staplow and then developing further walk leaflets.
  • Entertaining and informing people with his talks at various clubs around the area and raising a significant amount in donations for the Society and Trust.
  • Supporting the sales stalls as they travelled around the area.
  • Using his skills to create the plaques that you see around highlighting the canal and the milestones that are on various sites.

Cliff Penny

Cliff Penny was the last Chairman of the former Canal Society and the first Chairman of the H&G Canal Trust and has served on the Committee/Council of Management of the Society/H&G Canal Trust for 30 years.  He held senior positions within the water industry and then eight years running a highly regarded specialist consultancy, Penny Environmental & Planning with son David.

Cliff utilised his professional skills as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Town Planner to promote and successfully defend the H&G Canal in numerous ways, assisted by son David, who continued this crucial aspect of work for H&G CT in subsequent years.

Our Members will also remember Cliff as a former Editor of The Wharfinger Magazine.

Sadly, after a long period of ill health, Cliff  passed away in April 2019.

Janet, Nigel and Cliff frequently acknowledged that their successes would not have been possible without the teamwork of our valued H&G CT volunteers – with both pen and spade and every conceivable way in between.

Whilst no individual can ever justifiably claim to be responsible for the success of an organisation such as ours, their contributions are recognised by the Board of Trustees as playing a significant part in the successes of the H&G CT to date – hence the unanimous decision to make all three Honorary Life Presidents.

H&G CT Corporate Members, Supporters and Partners

Some of the organisations who have given support to Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust.

H&G CT Articles of Association and Financial Reports

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