Controlling the flow – The building of the abstraction channel

Controlling the flow

The building of the abstraction channel

Keeping the Canal topped up with water is crucial. This pound will, one day, stretch 3 miles to Rudford before the first lock is encountered. The River Leadon is the obvious source for this water, as it runs alongside the Canal. It will be extracted just before the water flows into the River Severn, and then flow back into the Severn from the Canal through Over Lock.

In 2001 work started on this volunteer project – it was the first major work since the Basin at Over had been completed and a massive hole was excavated for the pump shaft to be constructed.

The building of the overspill weir

Controlling any excess of water in the canal is equally as important as keeping the canal topped up. In 2011 spill or overflow weir was constructed at Over close to the newer length of Vineyard Hill.

True to the traditions of the H&G CT, as much recycled materials as possible have been used for this purpose. This includes reclaimed bricks and concrete sleepers.

The work started during the excavation of Vineyard Hill by the Waterways Recovery Group.

Construction was continued by our own volunteers, who laid the bricks and bridged over the channel with concrete sleepers. The work will be continued to build an apron down to the old millrace to carry water away.