Early work around Over Basin

Since the completion of the main basin structure the volunteers at Over have not put their feet up.

The service huts and ducting

Two small service huts have been built along the wharf wall. These are in readiness to supply water and electricity to any boats that will be moored there. Ducting to the huts was laid as the banks around the basin were being landscaped.

Further ducting was laid through the main work compound to the site huts and further along the towpath to the main pump shaft.


Hedges and trees have been planted all around the site. Many of the more sizable trees have been sponsored by friends of the Trust. A ‘mill race’ has been excavated along the original line that led to the flour mill that stood nearby many years ago. It has become a haven for wildlife.

Building Over Car Park

The car park at Over was developed from a piece of waste ground at the front of the site. Overgrown with brambles and sloping towards the river, it did not present itself as a likely choice. However, with with some professional landscaping skills the slope became a large dish with banks all around. The banks make an excellent screen from the road and nearby houses, and the layout allows for nearly 30 cars.

Again, recycling old materials came into play:

  • The bays and beds for shrubs are edged with old concrete sleepers.
  • The car park surface is old road planings rolled flat.
  • Retaining walls are built from stone dug out of the banks.
  • Large nursery trees about to be thrown out were given a new home around the car park.
  • The banks were then grassed and planted with many young whips of native trees to complete the landscaping. At night the trees are up-lit to show off their form.

The entrance to Over

Work started in 2007 to improve the entrance to Over Basin. The stretch between the road and the bailey bridge had consisted of just compacted rubble. To improve this paviors were laid and the foundations put in for drop bollards to be installed.

Skew Gardens

Alongside the entrance was a difficult slope to the water’s edge. The area was transformed with curved walls around a new planting area, steps down by the bridge and a winding path, suitable for disabled access to the Basin. The curves have became known as Skew Gardens.