Great Progress at Dymock!

As the earth is tipped in the foreground the houses go up beyond.

The new housing development beside the emerging Canal.










As the photographs show, the towpath bank had taken shape and the electricity cable has been moved into its new location beneath the bank. We were grateful for the assistance of the house builder, GP Thomas, in achieving those steps.

Unfortunately, the next stage of building the Canal on this site has been a constant nightmare in trying to co-ordinate delivery of suitable material to build the rest of the embankment. After long delays, substantial volumes started to arrive on site at the end of April, and in May the Canal banks around the junction finally started taking shape.


The foundations are in for our H&G CT house!

The new housing development beside the emerging Canal.










It has been a frustrating period for all concerned, but we now look forward to speedy progress towards completing this section of Canal construction with our long-term partner Keyway. This will allow volunteers to move in to undertake the landscaping and other works which our teams are so good at, and it is a crucial part of the scheme for our own interests as well as for our partners in this development.

There will be plenty of opportunities here this autumn for our volunteers to ensure we create an attractive section of Canal prior to the houses going on the market. The first 14 of those are now built and are being fitted out. These are the “affordable housing”. Construction of the remaining six “open market” houses, including our own three-bedroom detached house, started in May.