Malswick – Autumn 2019

Planning ahead…

During the autumn the Malswick group spent a few weeks assisting with some improvements at the Malswick House since its closure in the early part of the year.

The marquee has been dismantled and disposed of, the vine which was in danger of taking over the patio area has been removed and the barrier and gates to the compound have been re-positioned to provide better access to the upstairs flat.

Subsequently, preparations were being made to take delivery of a swing bridge which has been kindly donated to the Canal Trust by the Somerset County Council. The bridge has been removed from the Bridgwater Canal and is now surplus to requirements.

We anticipate delivery being made in early December. Eamonn McGurk is allowing the Trust to store the bridge at his Newbliss Farm depot where it will be stripped down and renovated. Thank you Eamonn.

It is planned to install the bridge on the Malswick site to provide a crossing point across the canal for farm vehicles and pedestrians.

Engineering drawings are currently being finalised by Thomas Ashworth and these will provide details of the groundworks and the foundations required to secure the pinion on which the bridge rotates.

Next Up –  Bridge No 5. We are beginning to get the hang of this now.

Please note that the site will not be open to the general public until the canal has been formally completed.

The Malswick Project is far from finished – we still have the canal itself to excavate and reinstate.

To achieve this, we need more funding and more volunteers. This is a great opportuntiy for you to get involved and “Make a Difference”

Please take a few moments to look at our Funding and Volunteering webpages.

Thank you.