New Canal coming soon!

Following the large scale efforts supported by the Waterways Recovery Group during 2022, the Trust’s Malswick Team continues to make good progress on the Malswick West Project. 

Here, the new canal channel is being increasingly defined to its final profile, making it easier to imagine a line of navigable canal edged by a towpath on one side, and a “wildside on the other”. 

In addition to the canal channel and towpath, work will include planting of native mixed hedgerows, broadleaf trees and wild flower meadow areas, creation of a wetland habitats, management of the woodlands and extensive landscaping to improve the conservation value of the site. 


To continue with this work, and the work on our other sites and in the many back office roles, we need more volunteers, and a great deal more financial support.

If you think you have something to give, please get in touch via our Volunteering and Donation pages or just by getting in touch here.