May 2016 – Plans for a New Length of the Canal unveiled at Ledbury

Another new partnership is planned on the line of the Canal. This time it is to the north of Ledbury. Bloor Homes plans to build 625 homes, and most importantly, will include a half mile of the Canal along the western side.

The masterplan was unveiled to the people of Ledbury at a public consultation on 10 May. This brings together another partnership where H&G CT can play a key role in the progress and fruition of the plan. Working closely with local Herefordshire and Ledbury Councillors, Bloor Homes and H&G CT can bring another stretch of Canal into water.

Ledbury has always been a key area where H&G CT has had great support from Ledbury Civic Society, Town Council and other groups within the town. The development of the town since the Canal closed in 1881 means that a diversion from the original route of the Canal will be around the outside of the bypass through the waterside park and along the River Leadon corridor.

Until now we have not had the means to bring back the Canal to the town of Ledbury so this could prove a very significant step forward with a brand new flight of locks and an extension of the already well used Waterside Park.