New Swing Bridge for Malswick

In early December preparations were being made to take delivery of a swing bridge which has been kindly donated to the Canal Trust by the Somerset County Council.

The bridge has been removed from the Bridgwater and Tauntnon Canal and is now surplus to requirements.

The bridge was delivred as planned – Eamonn McGurk is allowing the Trust to store the bridge at his Newbliss Farm depot where it will be stripped down and renovated – Thank you Eamonn.

It is planned to install the bridge on the Malswick site to provide a crossing point across the canal for farm vehicles and pedestrians.

Engineering drawings are currently being finalised by Thomas Ashworth and these will provide details of the groundworks and the foundations required to secure the pinion on which the bridge rotates.

….and so onto Bridge No 5 – we are beginning to get the hang of this now.

If you feel you would like to help on Tuesdays or you would like to buy logs please contact us on