Restoration of Oxenhall House Lock

In 2000, a small team of Trust Volunteers commenced work on restoring the Oxenhall lock chamber itself.

Much of the original wall masonry had fallen into the chamber, and had to be replaced. With its listed building status, work had to be undertaken using “heritage” materials and techniques. The towpath wall of the lock was completed in July 2002, and the offside wall in December 2003.

Other work including replacement of the top gate cill timber, and reconstruction of wing walls at the tail of the lock were also undertaken.

Although fitting of new gates is not currently planned, stop planks have been inserted to maintain water in the pound above the lock at normal canal level. A timber bridge over the tail of the lock has been rebuilt, and further work undertaken to raise the walls along the edge of the canal below the lock.

Completion Ceremony

On 22 June 2004, a ceremony was held to mark the completion of the main restoration work, and the support for the project offered by Forest of Dean Council.

In 2008 the wing walls either side the lower entrance to the lock were heightened and extended. This gives a firm structure to the edges of the pound below the lock.


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