Sailing4Disabled has be running for many years in various guises, but no longer sail actively as a club.

Our sub-section, Rowing Pirates does however meet regularly at Over Basin.

We are a mixed ability group that get together every Tuesday to row/paddle a Katakanu up and down the Over Basin/Vineyard Hill section of the Hereford and Gloucester canal

Originating in the ‘Sailing 4 Disabled’ group, external changes meant we found ourselves with nowhere to sail; but at about the same time Over Basin restoration was completed and the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust was keen to get the basin used.

We have two Katakanus, which can each take six people, and are unbelievably stable, allowing use with confidence by any ability level.

We currently have, on loan from the Wheelyboat Trust, a MKIII wheelyboat which is a specially designed boat, with a lowering front gate which allows access by wheelchair users. We have almost raised the funds to buy this excellent craft, but continue to fund raise with a view to having it converted to use a greener, electric motor.   We also have a Tinker inflatable, which can be rowed, sailed or powered. This is also very stable.

For the more adventurous helpers, there is an itBike water bike, which is surprisingly maneuverable on the canal

We have recently installed some EZ Dock floating pontoons.

Opening Times
We are usually to be found at Over Basin on Tuesday mornings from about 11:00 until about 2:00 ish

We normally start with a getting a brew on, in parallel with getting the boat(s) in the water. The first paddle up the canal heads off around 11:30. Depending on numbers, weather etc we chat, have more tea/coffee and probably get a second run in. A brief pause for a Snack/Lunch is sometimes followed by a third trip on the water followed by putting the boats away and clearing up, often with another drink!