Skippered Summer Boat Trips at Over Basin

Mister Maysey Boat Trip Experience

Mister Maysey can carry up to eight able-bodied passengers that can readily embark and disembark the boat via the fixed steps and has a covered cabin.

Sadly we cannot accommodate wheelchairs or persons unable to manage the steps – so please consider a trip on the wheelchair-friendly wheelyboat Sir Charles Morrison instead.  

Passengers can be a mix of adults (persons over 16 years of age), and children (2-16 years of age). 

The maximum number of children per trip is six, with two accompanying adults.  Two babes in arms can be carried on each trip, subject to one responsible adult each being in their charge.

  • Adult ticket price £4.00                
  • Child ticket price £2.00 
  • Babes in arms – free.

Mister Maysey operates with a crew of two, the helm is RYA qualified and a further crew member acts as an onboard host based in the cabin to give a commentary and also to deliver a Health and Safety briefing at the start of each trip.

Sailing4Disabled Wheelyboat Experience

The Wheelyboat Sir Charles Morrison can carry up to seven passengers and well-behaved dogs subject always to limitations as follows;

  1. The Wheelyboat can accommodate one or two passengers in wheelchairs. Each wheelchair present reduces the maximum number of passengers by one.  
  2. So, if one manual wheelchair is present, the boat can carry one passenger in the wheelchair and five standing passengers, or for two wheelchairs, the boat can carry two passengers in the wheelchairs and three standing passengers.  
  3. Alternatively, one passenger in an electric wheelchair can be accompanied by a maximum of three standing passengers.

As the Wheelyboat has easier access (no steps) than Mister Maysey, some people may prefer to use the Wheelyboat, but note the boat is open with no enclosing cabin.

  • Adult ticket price £4.00                
  • Child ticket price £2.00
  • Wheelchair reservations – free.

The Wheelyboat operates with a crew of one RYA qualified person to act as the helm. 

An additional host and a further RYA-qualified team member will remain on the bank to greet passengers and assist with the passenger transfers between the boat and the bank.

All passengers must comply fully and promptly with instructions issued by the crew.

Please note – we do not provide wheelchairs.

The boat will leave the bank in Over Basin, turn and travel along the full length of the restored canal at Over, turn again, and return to travel around the basin past the heritage boat fleet and the site of Over Lock before completing the trip back at the bank approximately 25 mins later.

We recommend that tickets be purchased online in advance as this will assist us with planning and resourcing for these events.

Places on the boats can be reserved and paid for using the Ticket Purchasing facility set out below.

Tickets may be available for purchase at Over Basin on the day, but only if spare seats remain available (note as stated above, numbers are limited to a maximum of eight on Mister Maysey and seven on Sir Charles Morrison).

When booking, it is important to fill in the seat reservations correctly to ensure that seat allocations are properly recorded.  

Each booking for Mister Maysey should state the number of adult and child places required subject to the restrictions set out above.

Each booking for the Wheelyboat should state the number of adult and child places required, and additionally the number of wheelchair or electric wheelchair places required.  For example two adults, one of whom uses a wheelchair, should select two adult places, and one wheelchair reservation, or two adults with a child in a wheelchair should select two adult places, one child place and one wheelchair reservation.

Please provide a valid email address (one per booking) so we can acknowledge your booking and get in touch to circulate any additional details or changes in circumstances that may arise.

Payment for your booking will be processed by our PayPal portal, which accepts payments via PayPal itself, or via any accepted major credit or debit card.

A confirmation email(s) will be sent out to acknowledge the booking and the payment.

Should any queries arise please Get in Touch.

Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the Sailing4Disabled Wheely-Boat. However, we do not allow dogs on Mister Maysey.

Can I bring my baby in arms?

Yes, up to two babies in arms can be on board.

Do you have lifejackets?

Yes, we have lifejackets for children and adults.

Can we bring alcohol drinks?

No alcohol is permitted onboard the boats.  However, we do have picnic seating around the area for you to enjoy food and drink after a trip on the boats, or you are welcome to visit The Lock Keepers public house which sell food and alcohol.

How long is the trip?

The trips are around 25 minutes.

What is the maximum number of people on the boat?

Mister Maysey carries eight passengers and two crew.

The Sailing4Disabled Wheely-Boat Sir Charles Morrison carries seven passengers and one crew.

Do you take Wheelchairs?

Yes, the Sailing4Disabled Wheely-Boat can carry up to two push wheelchairs, or one electric wheelchair on a trip.

What happens if the weather forecast is for heavy rain or strong winds?

24 hours notice will be given if the H&G Canal Trust cancels the trip due to predicted bad weather, with a full refund provided, or the opportunity to book another trip on an alternative date. Notification will be via the email address supplied with the booking.

If you fail to attend due to bad weather or any other reason, the H&G Canal Trust will not be able to offer a refund or an alternative date.

How much notice is required to cancel or move a booking?

The H&G Canal Trust requires 72 hours notice to either cancel a booking for a full refund or book an alternative date.

Are there any catering facilities available?

Hot & cold drinks and cake will be available to purchase from our Sales and Promotions Team at Over Basin, or a full menu is available in The Lock Keepers public house.

Is parking available?

Parking is available at Over Basin or in The Lock Keepers public house car park.

Are their toilets on board?

The boats have no toilets on board but there is a portable toilet on site, currently however not suitable for wheelchair users.

What can we expect to see whilst on the trip boat?

The restored canal basin, our Heritage Boat fleet – Alder, Renton, Bosley and Susan E, the resident swans, the overspill weir, pumping discharge arches, nature and wildlife, and the point at which restoration needs to continue towards Newent, Ledbury, and Hereford.

Whilst on site you will also be able to see the site of Over Lock, visit the Lock Keepers and see the River Severn.

All sales of tickets help support the ongoing restoration of the canal, development of further boating opportunities on the canal and the Sailing4Disabled organisation.

For the rest of this document, the term H&G Canal Trust covers the terms and conditions on both Mister Maysey and the Sailing4Disabled Wheelyboat.

  1. The boats follow the Inland Waterways Small Passenger code.
    1. Crews are trained to suitable RYA qualifications (RYA IWHC/RYA PB2) and a qualified First Aider will also be on site during the trips.
    2. Our insurance covers public liability risks, bit it will not be responsible for any lost, damage or injury to persons, or possessions however caused.
  2. Please follow the health and safety briefing. If you ignore this advice, you may be refused access, removed from the boat, and we can refuse to refund or reschedule your trip.
    1. Passengers must follow all instructions from the crew while on the boats. Any children on board are the responsibility of the adult passengers they came with.
    2. This is a pleasure trip any offensive, drunk or lewd behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the boat immediately. You will not be refunded for this trip.
    3. Some trips may require all crew and passengers to wear lifejacket. You may be requested to wear a lifejacket that will be supplied. Failure to do so will mean you are unable to take that trip. Further trips may be available on the day. If not, you will be asked to come back when the trips are running again.
  3. Each trip is a 25-minute trip along the canal at Over.
  4. You must show a valid ticket to take a trip on the boat. These are purchased on the H&G Website or in person at the Promotions stand on the day of your trip. A booking is only confirmed upon full payment. Upon receipt of payment via the website, a confirmation email is sent to the supplied email address detailing the booking, numbers and time of trip.
    1. Tickets are non-refundable, unless the H&G Canal Trust cancels the trip. In these circumstances, the limit of payments is to the payments made by the cost of the tickets.
    2. Children are recognised as being between the ages of 1-16yrs.
  5. Please attend the Over site at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your trip. Please report to the promotions stand on your arrival. If you arrive late you may be refused access and we can refuse to refund or reschedule your trip.
  6. Any disputes, refund requests or complaints must be made within 30 days of your visit. We reserve the right to refuse a refund after this time frame. You must also raise any grievances with a manager on the day of your visit.
  7. If you are unable to attend due to ill-health, changes in your circumstances, traffic delays or personal reasons we reserve the right to refuse rescheduling or refund. We will not carry any tickets over into the following year.

Issued 31 March 2024

Ticket Purchasing

Times & dates of trips

14:00 Mister Maysey

14:15 Sir Charles Morrison

14:30 Mister Maysey

14:45 Sir Charles Morrison

15:00 Mister Maysey

15:15 Sir Charles Morrison

15:30 Mister Maysey

15:45 Sir Charles Morrison

16:00 Mister Maysey

16:15 Sir Charles Morrison

11 May 2024

Tickets for this day are no longer available

8 June 2024

Tickets for this day are no longer available

13 July 2024

Tickets for this day are no longer available

14 Sept 2024

Tickets not yet available