Tug Renton

In 2012 our Saturday volunteers continued to restore our ‘heritage fleet’ of boats. Focusing firstly on Renton, they have designed, prepared and painted the cabin in H&G CT ‘house colours’ which we continued throughout our boats that we have at present and any craft that we may acquire in the future.

Before the winter weather conditions had arrived we prepared Renton, placing boards and a waterproof sheet across her to prevent rainwater from entering the hold. In the Spring we will install the new automatic bilge pumps that we have recently purchased. Further painting of our boats will continued as soon as suitable, settled, weather conditions arrived!

Work has resumed in painting our ‘heritage fleet’ of boats, by finishing the paint work on Renton and completing Alder in our ‘house colours’ as well.  Work has also started in preparing and painting our tug boat Bosley.