Volunteering Site Locations

The Trust has a number of sites where volunteers work on a regular basis. We also have new sites developing each year. Some of our volunteers stick to a particular location whilst others prefer to go where they are needed along the line of the Canal.

  • Aylestone Park (Hereford) – Work here has included building a slipway, towpath construction, general scrub clearance, conservation and planting. Work on an over spill weir has begun.
  • Kymin East (Herefordshire) – Our newest site along side Yarkhill Site. Teams have been clearing the undergrowth here in readiness for the canal to be dug out in 2014.
  • Llanthony Lock, Gloucester – (alternate Tuesdays) – Work at this site, close to Gloucester Docks, includes clearance of almost 100 years of undergrowth and trees from around the lock as well as maintenance of the lock cottages.
  • Moat Farm (South of Newent) –  (alternate Tuesdays) – This is a relatively new site and work currently consists of clearance of undergrowth and constructing boundary fences.
  • Newent
  • Over Basin/Vineyard Hill (Gloucester) – (Wednesdays and Saturdays) This is our largest site. Work includes maintenance of the site and equipment, projects to develop and enhance site facilities. Work also includes an engineering workshop, trip boat refurbishing. Volunteers are currently restoring some heritage boats. Recent work includes restoration of a new 300m length of canal at Vineyard Hill that is now in water. Towpath building, a new spill weir and much planting and landscaping.
  • Oxenhall (Near Newent) – (Tuesdays) – Recent work here has seen the completion of the restoration of the lock chamber, as well as restoration of the Ell Brook Aqueduct. General site conservation and maintenance continues.
  • Yarkhill (Herefordshire) – Thursdays – present work includes: Canal bank profiling, conservation, logging and general site maintenance.

If you would be interested in joining one of these work parties please Contact Us.


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