Wye Invader Two on the River Severn

In Wharfinger Magazine Edition 154, there is an article entitled “IWA Visit to Over”…

… which discussed options for re-creating a viable connection between the Hereford and Gloucester Canal at Over Basin to the River Severn and thus to Gloucester Docks and the rest of the UK canal system.  The article made references to a narrowboat called Wye Invader Two.


NB Wye Invader Two has become somewhat infamous for a series of voyages on the River Severn, not least of which includes trips from Sharpness to Gloucester, not along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, but along the river itself.

Careful planning ensured that these trips coincided with periods of particularly high tides flowing upstream towards Gloucester, facilitating the transit in the shortest period of time possible, and the passage of the boat over either Llanthony or Maisemore Weir, on the East and West Partings of the river each side of Alney Island respectively.


The voyages were captured on video, and recordings can be seen on YouTube.

The first journey, which explored the East Parting and crossed Llanthony Weir can be seen here, and the second, up the West Parting and over Maisemore Weir, here, or just watch below.