Heritage Boats

Tug Renton

In 2012 our Saturday volunteers continued to restore our ‘heritage fleet’ of boats. Focusing firstly on Renton, they have designed, prepared and painted the cabin in H&G CT ‘house colours’ which we continued throughout our boats that we have at present and any craft that we may acquire in the future. Before the winter weather conditions had arrived we prepared Renton, placing boards and a waterproof sheet across her to […]

Restoration work on Alder

The Trust had agreed that Alder could be based at Over Basin; there was room to work on the tug on dry land and as the basin is owned by the Trust there would be no need for a licence or mooring fees. Having finalised the paperwork for the tug, we then needed to find crane and transport operators who could move the boat. Quotes were obtained and the operators […]

Narrowboat Alder

History of Narrowboat Alder Alder as it exists today was built in 1965 at British Waterways’ Bradley workshops in Birmingham. It was believed that at the time two ex-working boats were used to make the tug, recent research has revealed otherwise. In the autumn of 1965, ex Fellows Morton and Clayton motorboat Alder was cut up at Bradley. The fore-end was given a new stern and made into an un-powered […]