Ledbury Update

Ledbury Update Back in 2016, Bloor Homes applied for planning in Ledbury. This was for a mixed-use development including the erection of up to 625 new homes (including affordable housing), up to 2.9 hectares of B1 employment land, a canal corridor, public open space (including a linear park). It was refused and an appeal is currently underway. This started in July, but they ran out of scheduled time. So, the […]

May 2016 – Plans for a New Length of the Canal unveiled at Ledbury

Another new partnership is planned on the line of the Canal. This time it is to the north of Ledbury. Bloor Homes plans to build 625 homes, and most importantly, will include a half mile of the Canal along the western side. The masterplan was unveiled to the people of Ledbury at a public consultation on 10 May. This brings together another partnership where H&G CT can play a key […]