New Canal at Malswick

The Malswick Project is very diverse and represents a great opportunity to restore a significant stretch of canal, needing the help of volunteers with a complete range of skills. As part of the deal to minimise the cost we are restoring two brick river bridges and building a new one for the landowner, as well as various other works around the farm. In about a year or so, we will […]

Hydro Electricity Project on the River Leadon

May 2017 – Hydro Electricity Project on the River Leadon Where the Leadon meets the Severn to the north of The Wharf House there is currently a pair of ‘flap gates’. These gates are to prevent tidal ingress up the Leadon, but in recent years, one has fallen off and the other gate has silted shut. It is here that H&GCT have been looking at plans to build a small hydro-electric […]

Llanthony Weir Hydro – An Update

May 2017 – Llanthony Weir Hydro Alongside the commencement of Leadon Hydro, the planning of a much larger scheme at Llanthony on the Severn continues. The £10m hydroelectricity scheme at Llanthony has been in development stage for a number of years. The H&GCT has now started work in earnest on this project, which hopes to install a system to provide green electricity to Gloucester Quays and potentially others. The H&GCT […]

Newent & Oxenhall Open Day on the Canal 2016

Saturday, 10 September 2016 View our displays and enjoy some homemade cakes and refreshments in Oxenhall Village Hall. Talk a stroll along the towpath from the restored Oxenhall Lock, over the restored Elle Brook Aqueduct and on to Newent Station. See our progress at Newent Station where we plan to run the Canal through the platforms of the former railway station. Free admission. We hope you can make it!

New Plans for Mill Barn at Over Canal Basin

NEW Plans for Mill Barn at Over Canal Basin You may recall the story of the demolition of the former hospital buildings at Over in 1999-200 – demolition that extended to the Mill Barn as that lay in the way of the new noise bund and screening for the development. As the barn was just going to be flattened where it stood we offered to take it down carefully for […]

Work Commences at Newent Station.

October 2015 – Initial investigative work has started at our Newent Station site. We are building a weekend team to work regularly on initial groundwork and conservation of the area. The original platforms have been uncovered and work continues to clear the undergrowth and debris that has built up over the years. A successful weekend was held on 10/11 October. On the Saturday H&G CT volunteers cleared debris and uncovered […]

Make a ‘Donate Now’ donation any time with PayPal.

Make a ‘Donate Now’ donation any time with PayPal. It’s easy to support your favourite charity on eBay, even if you’re not selling an item. You can make an instant donation via PayPal to the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust with eBay for Charity. Just follow these simple steps:   Go to the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust page on ebay for Charity In the linked page, Select the Donate […]

Newent Station Site

The entirety of the original station and its buildings will be restored / reconstructed at approximately 1m above the original level to allow for an aqueduct to cross the nearby Bridge Street using the original railway abutments (these have been recently surveyed by Gloucestershire County Council and declared as sound). The original GWR railway footbridge in the image was donated to the Canal Trust by GCC when it was remove […]

Our Holmer Trading Estate scheme comes back to life!

November 2014 – Our Holmer Trading Estate scheme comes back to life! The scheme for redeveloping the Holmer Trading Estate was secured solely on the back of delivering the Canal but did not actually proceed due to the recession….. The inspector’s landmark ruling was:- ” in my judgement, the Canal restoration, and its resultant benefits to long-term planning objectives for the City, are material considerations in this case, which are […]

The Green Environment – Recycling

Reclaimed materials at Over The reconstruction of the Basin at Over coincided with the demolition of the Over hospital that had stood nearby in readiness for a new housing development. Materials from the demolition were recycled by the Trust. This included thousands of heavy Victorian bricks that went into the building of the wharf walls.  The brick had to be picked from piles of rubble, sorted and the black mortar […]

Legal and Project Development Team

L&PDT is our Legal and Project Development Team, based at The Wharf House at Over Canal Basin. It brings together the expertise needed to develop the exciting new key projects on which the Trust is focusing and is directly funded by The Wharf House. We are pleased to able to call on pro-bono or heavily discounted support from a number of sources including Barrister Richard Kimblin and others of No.5 Chambers Birmingham, and New Civil […]

Llanthony: Hydro-Electric & Flood Relief Scheme

December 2011 – Llanthony: Hydro-Electric & Flood Relief Scheme Richard Benyon MP, the Minister for Inland Waterways, at Gloucester, together with David Penny from the Canal Trust, announced the above scheme to an assembled audience in Hereford on 12th December 2011. The assembled company included executives from British Waterways and the Environment Agency together with directors and cabinet members of the Local Authorities of both Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. The day […]