Canal Walk Leaflets Updated

Over the past twelve months the six existing Canal Walk leaflets have been updated, and can now be purchased online. A seventh Walk, planned around Ashperton, is in the course of preparation and should be available shortly.  

Oxenhall – Ell Brook Aqueduct – Removing the Bailey Bridge

The Bailey Bridge has been a useful and safe way to cross Ell Brook Aqueduct whilst the initial work on the aqueduct was completed. The removal was undertaken by the Royal Monmouthshire Engineers, who saw the activity as a useful training exercise. The task was to lift off the deck of the Bailey bridge, preparing the crane platform and then lifting the bridge to a new level platform in our […]

Oxenhall – Restoration of the Spill Weir by Lock House

The reconstruction of the spill weir by Oxenhall Lock House proved to be quite a challenge and plans were changed as obstacles arose. Before any work could start on the sump in front of the weir it was imperative that the flow of water through the culvert under the towpath was blocked enabling the work to be carried out in the dry. After a number of attempts the volunteers eventually […]

Oxenhall – Restoration of Ell Brook Aqueduct

Following completion of the restoration work on House Lock during the summer in 2003, the Trust’s Oxenhall team was able to turn their attention to restoration of the Ell Brook Aqueduct. Although it was known that both faces of the aqueduct were in poor condition, the fully severity of this was not established until loose stonework had been made safe and the vegetation covering the structure had been removed. The […]

Restoration of Oxenhall House Lock

In 2000, a small team of Trust Volunteers commenced work on restoring the Oxenhall lock chamber itself. Much of the original wall masonry had fallen into the chamber, and had to be replaced. With its listed building status, work had to be undertaken using “heritage” materials and techniques. The towpath wall of the lock was completed in July 2002, and the offside wall in December 2003. Other work including replacement […]

Early restoration work – Towards Oxenhall Tunnel

Oxenhall Canal Tunnel, completed in 1798, extends northwards 2192 yards from here towards Dymock. Most of the original structure of the tunnel is still in standing but will need extensive restoration. The north end passes under the M50 motorway, which was constructed between 1958 and 1960. Here the tunnel at the end of a deep cutting near Boyce Court collapsed the portal is not visible. At the request of the […]